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Selected works from

'Surface Tension' - 2023

Dickie Gamble

Wave riding happens during focused and compact moments of time, without the opportunity for excessive pre-meditation or planning. 


This collection came to life with a similar doctrine. To make instinctive, immediate marks and stokes. To not over think these, even if they appeared reckless in the moment. Like a wave which can only be interacted with once, the same response should happen with the brush and canvas.


Layers of oils and household paint create bold gestural sections that happen fast and with abandon. Whilst pastel and pencil provides highlights in the form of fragile marks and scratches.

A constant motif is the celebration of imperfection. Therefore a choice was made to reject a flawless resin finish. Rather to use resin as a textural medium layer. This references the surface tension created when water interacts with fins as they carve and pivot.

Surface Tension - 2023

Art Gallery


Surface Tension @ Album - San Clemente USA 2023

Everything all of the time - London 2021

30 Digital Days (Curator) - Brighton Digital festival 2018
Art in the City Expo - Marseille 2017
Punks & Poets Hoxton - London 2016
Shoreditch On Fire, Group Exhibition - London 2015
Contemporary Painting Open Show - Berlin 2013
Movement: Selected illustrations - London 2012
Amsterdam Contemporary Art Expo - Amsterdam 2008
Sonar Festival - Pop-up group exhibition - Barcelona 2005
Brighton Media Centre ‘Neighbourhood’, Group Exhibition - Brighton 2005
Maxx’s on Melrose, Solo Exhibition - Los Angeles 2004
White Gallery, Solo Exhibition - London 2004
Stussy Urban Exploration, city installation - Sydney 2002
Sumo Gallery, Installation - Brighton 2002
Polar East, Solo Exhibition - Brighton 2002

Available works

A limited selection of work are available for purchase. This is a regularly changing line-up due to exhibition and loan commitments.


"I create with the leftovers, the discarded and the unwanted. Having to work within constraints of unconventional materials, or a limited palette makes your decision making more expansive and your thinking more critical. The alchemy of turning these core elements into something arresting or beautiful is the reason I work"


Cultiver - London:
199 Bishopsgate,
London EC2M 3TY

Cultiver - Berlin:
Unit 3, Krossener Str.
10245 Berlin



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